Green Around the Globe: Top Cities for St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Saint Patrick’s Day is celebrated in many parts of the world, with some locations known for their particularly grand and festive celebrations. Here are some of the places where St Patrick’s Day celebration is held most enthusiastically:

Dublin, Ireland

As the heartland of Saint Patrick’s Day, Dublin hosts a multi-day festival featuring parades, live music, street performances, and an array of cultural events. It’s a vibrant celebration of Irish heritage and culture.

New York City, USA

Home to one of the world’s largest and oldest Saint Patrick’s Day parades, New York City’s celebration is a major event. The parade features thousands of marchers, including bands, bagpipers, and dancers, and draws millions of spectators.

Boston, USA

With its strong Irish-American community, Boston’s St Patrick’s Day celebration is a significant event. The city hosts a large parade in South Boston, along with numerous Irish cultural events, music, and traditional food.

Chicago, USA

Chicago is famous for dyeing its river green in celebration of St Patrick’s Day. The city also hosts a large parade and numerous Irish-themed events throughout the month.

Savannah, USA

Known for one of the largest St Patrick’s Day parades in the South, Savannah also hosts a festival on River Street with live music, food, and entertainment.

London, England

London celebrates with a parade that features marching bands, Irish dance schools, and community groups. The city also hosts a festival in Trafalgar Square, which includes an array of Irish music, dance, and food.

Sydney, Australia

Sydney’s Saint Patrick’s Day celebration includes a parade and a family day with Irish music, dance, and culture. The iconic Sydney Opera House is often lit up in green to mark the occasion.

Montreal, Canada

Known for having one of the longest-running Saint Patrick’s Day parades in North America, Montreal’s celebration is a significant event in the city, reflecting its rich Irish heritage.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

With a sizable Irish community, Buenos Aires hosts impressive Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations, including street parties and parades in the city’s downtown area.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo hosts a Saint Patrick’s Day parade, which is a part of “I Love Ireland Festival” – a celebration of Irish culture with music, dance, and food, highlighting the global reach of the day.

These St Patrick’s Day celebrations, while rooted in Irish culture, have been embraced by various communities around the world, each adding their unique local flavor to the festivities. These cities might be the ideal destinations for you during this greenish day!

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