Happy Mother’s Day to grandmas, mothers, aunties, godmothers, and sisters are honored for their contributions to childrearing! However, among the shout-outs, songs, and Facebook remembrances, a rising group is also fast becoming the receiver of good Mother’s Day wishes: single dads.

According to the Pew Center for Research, single dads currently head 2.6 million families in the United States, representing a ninefold rise since 1960. With increasing dads taking on the primary care of their children, Mother’s Day may be a bitter reminder of mom’s absence or an opportunity to thank dads for taking on both duties.

Reasons Why we should celebrate Mother’s Day for Single Dads

Single dads play the mother’s role

This Mother’s Day, we wish to honor solitary dads who possess motherly attributes that compliment those of every woman. They have exercised all of the qualities that mothers supply for their children, including spiritual guidance, a loving heart, supportive arms, and, most importantly, love. Nowadays, parenting traits are genderless. LGBT individuals who are parents are included. We are seeing more single dads than ever before, and we should embrace these characteristics for a better world for all of our children. Therefore, this occasion is the time to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to all the strong single dads out there who are playing both roles all year round.

There are several reasons why we should celebrate Mother’s Day for Single Dads
There are several reasons why we should celebrate Mother’s Day for single dads

Parenting alone is more difficult than parenting together

Being a solitary or single primary caregiver must be difficult, and we need to praise them regardless of genders and stereotypes, they all deserve equal attention. Single dads, like all primary caregivers, handle cooking, laundry, transportation, parenting obligations, and the emotional well-being of their children. A lone dad receives little or no help from the other parent. They may get financial assistance, but they are solely responsible for the day-to-day care of their children. All these dads are also mothers, and just like mothers, they should be celebrated on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity for single dads to bond with family members

Mother’s Day is an excellent occasion for single dads to spend quality time with their family – the thing they need the most. There are several ways to commemorate Mother’s Day for single dads in a unique and creative manner. Cooking his favorite meal, creating handcrafted presents or cards, or organizing a fun family outing are some examples.

Spending time together allows children to better bond with their dads and create unforgettable experiences. This bonding time can also improve children’s mental health and help them develop ties with their dads.

Celebrating Mother’s Day for single dads helps youngsters boost their self-esteem

Celebrating Mother’s Day for single dads may help increase children’s self-esteem and confidence by encouraging them to show their love and gratitude to their special dads. Children who participate in Mother’s Day events for single dads can feel proud of their efforts and thus, boost their positive feelings.

This might be a valuable opportunity for youngsters to develop emotional intelligence, which is essential for good relationships.

Celebrating parents on special days help youngsters to develop emotional intelligence
Celebrating parents on special days help youngsters to develop emotional intelligence

Children can express thanks

How children express their own thanks to their dads is an essential activity for several reasons. It gives them the opportunity to take some precious time to reflect on how amazing their dad is and how much they rely on and need him in their life. Children experience this on a regular basis, but few take the time to reflect on it in a way that allows them to articulate their emotions. The process of celebrating their special dad on such a special day as Mother’s Day is critical in helping children learn the ability of articulating sincere, emotional sentiments to a loved one.

Celebrating Mother’s Day for single dads helps children in single-parent families feel equal to their peers

Imagine how upset a youngster in a single-parent home would be if they witnessed their peers racing to make gifts for their mother but they did not. As always, a parent’s primary focus is their children – helping them to adjust, feel ‘normal’ and be just like their friends. As such, this Mother’s Day you may need to implement a multi prong approach to your special occasion celebrations. For that, it seemed appropriate to celebrate him not only on dad’s Day but on Mother’s Day as well.

Suggestions of Mother’s Day Gifts for Single Dads

You’re looking for gift ideas for lone dads on Mother’s Day, but then realize there are not many presents of this category available out there? But what do you give a lone dad on Mother’s Day? Don’t sweat it, here are some excellent Mother’s Day gift ideas for single dads that Adonisgift has compiled for you: 

Personalized Mother’s Day gifts for single dads

If your dad has been everything to you and you think he deserves to be recognized as the all-around amazing parent he is, take advantage of this Mother’s Day chance to express your gratitude. A personalized Mothers Day gift but customized to dads will be a heartfelt present for him. Try making him a breakfast in bed along with a customized coffee mug that says “You are my dad, my mom, my everything”. Alternatively, try some personalized Mother’s Day T-shirts but with your favorite photo of him to remind him of the precious memories he has created for you both.

Try making him a breakfast in bed along with a customized coffee mug that says “You are my dad, my mom, my everything”
Try making him a breakfast in bed along with a customized coffee mug that says “You are my dad, my mom, my everything”

Classic Watch: This timeless timepiece is a sophisticated and stylish gift that every man secretly desires. A classic watch will help your dad reflect his sense of tradition and elegance. Remember to choose a watch with classic design, no fussy details, and of course durable construction that will withstand the test of time.

Formal Suit: If your dad is successful at work, he’ll need some extra confidence and maybe a little boasting (cause he earns it), and a formal, tailored suit might just be the perfect gift for that purpose. This gift is also very useful as besides wearing the suit to meetings, he can wear it to many other formal events like weddings, ceremonies or simply a family photoshoot.

Mother’s Day cards for single dads

Don’t wait until Dad’s Day to tell your dads how much you care about him. Mother’s Day honors all parents and guardians who have offered unconditional love and support to us. Prepare a surprise gift with a charming Mother’s Day card for your single dad and express your gratitude for the role of both a father and a mother he’s been playing. There’s no better perfect Mothers Day gift to show your gratitude to dad than by looking after him for the day! By giving dad the Mother’s Day card he deserves, you’re showing him your appreciation for his stepping up as a mother figure and a super parent.


If you tell a single dad he deserves to be celebrated on Mother’s Day, he will probably reply in a modest tone, “Ah…nothing! “I’m simply doing my job!” Not all dads are the same, but they all need the same love and care. This Mother’s Day, express your thanks to your fantastic dad for his unconditional love and care with the above unique Mother’s Day gifts for single dad. On behalf of every son and daughter in the world, Adonisgift wishes all single and sole dads out there who are also moms to their children a happy Mother’s Day!

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