10 Truly Terrifying Vintage Christmas Recipes for a Weight-Gain-Free Holiday

Welcome to the vintage Christmas recipes book! Brace yourselves for a cringe-worthy journey through a collection of peculiar and, frankly, stomach-turning yuletide concoctions, because apparently, even Christmas couldn’t escape the taste bud nightmares of the past!

Christmas Candle Salad

Who thought it was a brilliant idea to pour mayo on top of bananas sticking in cranberry jello stars?

Diced Ham, Oyster and Mushroom Cream Soup

This one would surely make me throw up after one spoon.

Frozen Fruitcake Salad

I thought fruitcake was the worst until I saw this.

Holiday Vegetable Loaf

I can tell the taste just by glancing at it.

Molded Pate-Cheese Balls

I can never look at Jello the normal way again.

The Cranberry Candles

Cranberry sauce jelly with mayo. Let’s put an open flame on it so everyone is hypnotized away from its blandness.

Duck Mousse En Gelee

Yep, people were just crazy about jellied meat back then.

Leftover Turkey Jello

Is this really the way people used to treat leftovers?

The Noel Glazed Ham


Let’s waste our time and a piping hot piece of ham by decorating it with mayo and gelatin.

Vermicelli Christmas Pudding


Raisins mixed in pasta, cranberry juice with sour cream? NOPE.

Which Vintage Christmas Recipes Sound the Worst to You?

And there you have it, a glimpse into the bizarre world of vintage Christmas recipes that might just make your stomach churn. As you navigate your holiday menu this year, perhaps it’s best to leave these culinary oddities in the past. Here’s to celebrating a Christmas filled with delicious, modern delights that won’t leave your guests running for the hills. Bon appétit, minus the vintage weirdness!

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