12 Best Office Christmas Party Games and How to Operate Them for Maximum Fun

The office Christmas party is a much-anticipated event where colleagues come together to celebrate the festive season and unwind after a year of hard work. Incorporating fun and engaging games into the celebration can significantly enhance the experience. Here are some of the best office Christmas party games and tips on how to operate them effectively:

Secret Santa

How it Works: Participants draw names to anonymously give a gift to a coworker. Set a budget limit to keep things accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

Operation Tips: Use an online Secret Santa generator to organize the draw. Ensure gifts are exchanged during the party, adding an element of surprise and excitement.

Ugly Sweater Contest

How it Works: Encourage attendees to wear their most creative or outrageous Christmas sweaters. Hold a fashion show and let everyone vote for their favorite.

Operation Tips: Create a small runway area and have a fun commentary during the show. Offer a humorous prize for the winner.

Christmas Trivia

How it Works: Prepare a list of Christmas-themed questions covering various topics. Divide employees into teams for a competitive trivia session.

Operation Tips: Use a digital presentation for a smooth flow. Include multiple-choice questions to make it easier and more engaging.

Holiday Bingo

How it Works: Create bingo cards with holiday-themed prompts. Employees mark off squares as they witness or participate in these activities during the party.

Operation Tips: Make sure the prompts are relevant to your office environment and the party setup. Provide small prizes for winners.

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

How it Works: Provide gingerbread house kits for teams or individuals and let their creativity shine.

Operation Tips: Set up a designated decorating area and a time limit. Have a panel of judges or a crowd vote for the winner.

White Elephant Gift Exchange

How it Works: Everyone brings a wrapped, inexpensive gift. Participants draw numbers to pick and unwrap gifts from the pile, with opportunities to steal from others.

Operation Tips: Clarify the rules beforehand, especially about stealing gifts, to avoid confusion. Keep the pace lively.

Christmas Carol Pictionary

How it Works: Players draw and get their team to guess Christmas songs without speaking or writing words.

Operation Tips: Use a large whiteboard or flip chart for visibility. Keep the drawing time short to maintain a fast-paced game.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt

How it Works: Organize a scavenger hunt with holiday-themed items or clues around the office.

Operation Tips: Clearly define the boundaries and make sure the clues are challenging yet solvable. Consider incorporating team-building elements.

Guess the Number of Ornaments

How it Works: Fill a jar with Christmas ornaments and have employees guess the number.

Operation Tips: Place the jar in a central location. Have a tie-breaker question ready in case of multiple correct guesses.

Christmas Movie Charades

How it Works: Participants act out titles of popular Christmas movies without speaking.

Operation Tips: Prepare a diverse list of movie titles to accommodate different levels of movie knowledge.

Festive Photo Booth

How it Works: Set up a photo booth with props and a camera. Employees take turns taking festive photos.

Operation Tips: Create a hashtag for social media sharing and encourage creativity. You could also have a contest for the best photo.

Holiday Story Starters

How it Works: Start a story with a Christmas-themed sentence and have each participant add a sentence.

Operation Tips: Record the story as it evolves. Share the final story at the end of the party for a good laugh.

In operating these games, remember the key is to foster a fun and inclusive atmosphere. Encourage participation but respect individual comfort levels. Well-organized and thoughtfully planned games can transform an ordinary office party into a memorable holiday celebration, strengthening team bonds and creating joyous memories.

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