Ho-Ho-Hilarity: 20 Funny Christmas Gifts for People with a Great Sense of Humor

The season of joy, goodwill, and belly laughs is upon us! Christmas isn’t just about the mistletoe and eggnog; it’s also a prime time for unleashing your comedic genius through gag gifts, humorous knick-knacks, and chuckle-inducing funny Christmas sweaters. When shopping for that friend, family member, or coworker who prides themselves on their sense of humor, picking out the perfect funny gift can turn the holiday into a festive frolic of fun. Here’s a roundup of some funny Christmas stuff to buy that will have your loved ones jingling all the way with laughter.

Gag Gifts: Chuckles in a Box

Toilet Night Light: Light up their midnight bathroom breaks with a motion-activated toilet night light. It’s not only practical for those late-night nature calls but also adds a rainbow of colors to their toilet bowl – talk about a literal potty party!

“The Butt” Office Supply Station: It’s a tape dispenser, pen holder, paperclip storage, and it comes in the shape of a little man’s backside. Functional and hilarious, it’s the perfect desk accompaniment for someone who enjoys a good office joke.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Wine Bottle Covers: Who said wine can’t dress up for Christmas? These atrocious yet amusing knitted covers will make any bottle the talk of the town.

"The Butt" office supply station

Santa’s Flask: A festive stocking-shaped beverage holder that can be hung from the mantle or tree, this gag gift can be filled with any drink, offering a cheeky sip of holiday cheer.

Funny Toilet Paper: Printed with jokes, puzzles, or even custom messages, funny toilet paper will have them laughing in the loo.

Yodelling Pickle: For the person who has everything – except a yodeling pickle. At the push of a button, this peculiar pickle will yodel its heart out.

The Santa's Flask

NapSack Sleep Hood: For the serial napper, this hood claims to let you take a nap, anytime, anywhere, and is a hilarious sight when worn.

Canned Unicorn Meat: No actual unicorns harmed, of course, but this gag gift can adds a touch of mythical meatiness to the pantry.

Bacon Bandages: For the person who believes everything is better with bacon, even wounds can now be covered with a bacon-styled bandage.

Bacon bandages

Funny Christmas Sweaters: A Fabric of Fun

Interactive Gingerbread Man Sweater: A sweater featuring a gingerbread man with a removable Velcro limb, because what says “Christmas” more than cookie dismemberment?

“Ask Your Mom if I’m Real” Santa Sweater: For the Santa skeptic in every family, this sweater might finally settle the debate—or at least give Mom a good chuckle.

3D Moose Mug Sweater: Inspired by the famous moose mug from “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” this 3D sweater ups the ante with an actual mug attached that can hold candy or a small gift.

A 3D reindeer sweater

Christmas Tree Sweater with Working Lights: Why just decorate the tree when you can be the tree? This sweater lights up the night, and the wearer, with real Christmas lights.

T-Rex Santa Sweater: Combining the ferocity of a T-Rex with the jolliness of Santa, this sweater is for those who like their Christmas with a side of prehistoric fun.

“All I Want for Christmas is Food” Sweater: For the foodie friend, this sweater says it all—and might just hint at what you should bring to the Christmas potluck.

Musical Sweater with an Actual Working Drum Kit: Know someone who likes to tap along to Christmas tunes? This sweater comes with a drum kit that others can play – talk about wearing the beat!

Christmas tree sweater with real lights

Quirky Christmas Decor: Deck the Halls with Boughs of Folly

Upside-Down Christmas Tree: Challenge tradition with an upside-down Christmas tree. Whether hanging from the ceiling or mounted on a stand, this topsy-turvy tree will be the talk of any holiday gathering.

Toilet Santa Cover Set: Give the bathroom a makeover with a Santa seat cover, rug, and toilet paper box cover. Santa will never be the same again.

Upside down Christmas tree

Inflatable Christmas Turkey: A Christmas turkey that will never get overcooked because it’s inflatable and serves as an amusing twist to holiday decor.

Santa Yoga Poses Ornaments: Add a bit of zen to your Christmas tree with ornaments depicting Santa doing various yoga poses. It’s a humorous nod to the fitness enthusiast in your life.

Yoga Santa ornaments


Remember, while funny gifts are meant to be light-hearted, it’s essential to consider the boundaries of Christmas gag gifts and preferences of the person you’re giving them to. What one person finds hilarious, another may find offensive. It’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution and pick a gift that’s funny without being disrespectful.

Well-chosen funny Christmas gifts can not only bring a smile to someone’s face but also lighten up the sometimes-stressful holiday season. From silly sweaters to quirky kitchen gadgets, the possibilities for spreading Christmas cheer with a touch of humor are endless. So, go ahead, give the gift of laughter this year, and watch as the giggles and guffaws make your Christmas merry, bright, and absolutely hilarious.

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