Noteworthy Fashion Tips for 5 Popular Body Shapes: Hide Flaws and Emphasize Curves

Understanding your body shape is key to unlocking your style potential. Each body type has its unique characteristics, and knowing how to dress to highlight your best features while downplaying areas you’re less fond of can make a world of difference. Let’s delve into fashion tips tailored to different body shapes, focusing on what to wear and what to avoid.

Hourglass Shape

Characteristics: Well-defined waist with balanced bust and hips. This body shape tends to have a defined waistline, making it ideal for fitted clothing that accentuates curves. The goal is often to highlight the curves while maintaining balance.

Complimentary Clothing: For the hourglass shape, embrace clothing that accentuates your curves. Fitted dresses, wrap tops, and high-waisted bottoms highlight your narrow waist. Structured jackets or tailored shirts add sophistication while maintaining your silhouette.

Avoid: Avoid shapeless or overly loose clothing that hides your curves. Steer clear of overly busy patterns that distract from your natural shape.

What Hourglass shapes should wear
What Hourglass shapes should avoid

Apple Shape

Characteristics: More weight around the midsection, broader shoulders. The focus for this shape is often on creating a balanced look by emphasizing other areas apart from the midsection. Styles that draw attention to the legs or highlight the bust while diverting attention from the midsection work well.

Complimentary Clothing: Emphasize your legs with A-line skirts or dresses. Flowy tops or empire waistlines draw attention away from the midsection. V-necks elongate the upper body and draw attention upward.

Avoid: Avoid clingy fabrics around the midsection. Skip tops that end at the widest part of the midriff as they can accentuate the belly area.

Empire waistline dresses are perfect for Apple shapes
Clingy and shiny fabrics are not a wise choice for Apple shapes

Pear Shape

Characteristics: Narrower shoulders, wider hips and thighs. The goal is usually to balance the upper body with the wider hips. A-line skirts, dresses, and clothing that accentuates the upper body while minimizing attention on the lower half help create a more balanced silhouette.

Complimentary Clothing: A-line skirts and dresses balance your proportions. Statement tops or necklaces draw attention upward. Dark-colored bottoms paired with patterned or bright tops divert focus from the lower body.

Avoid: Avoid overly tight bottoms that emphasize the hips and thighs. Steer clear of high-waisted pants that draw attention to the hip area.

Ruffle tops with wide skirts with balance Pear shapes
Tight skirts will make the disproportion of Pear shapes more severe

Rectangle Shape

Characteristics: Straighter figure with equal width in shoulders, waist, and hips. Creating curves or the illusion of curves is often the aim for this body type. Styles that define the waist or add volume to either the upper or lower body can help achieve a more defined silhouette.

Complimentary Clothing: Create curves with peplum tops, ruffled blouses, or dresses that define the waist. Play with layers and textures to add dimension. Wide-legged pants or flared jeans can add volume to your lower half.

Avoid: Avoid shapeless or boxy clothing that doesn’t define the waist. Steer clear of straight-cut dresses that don’t add any shape to your figure.

Dresses with structure will add curves to Rectangle shapes
Boxy and shapeless clothes will turn you into a walking rectangle

Inverted Triangle Shape

Characteristics: Broader shoulders and bust, narrower hips. The focus is typically on balancing the broader upper body with the narrower lower body. Styles that add volume or detail to the lower half, while minimizing attention on the shoulders and emphasizing the waist, often work well for this shape.

Complimentary Clothing: Balance broader shoulders with A-line skirts or wide-leg pants. V-neck tops elongate the upper body. Focus on adding volume or detail to the lower part of your body.

Avoid: Avoid tops with heavy embellishments on the shoulders that accentuate their width. Wear any t-shirts but raglan t-shirts. Be cautious with boat necklines or halter tops that broaden the shoulders.

A perfect outfit for Inverted Triangle shapes
Raglan T-shirts with tight bottoms are the enemies of Inverted Triangle shapes

Remember, fashion is about self-expression. These tips serve as guidelines, not strict rules. Embrace what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Experiment with styles and shapes until you find what resonates best with your personal flair!

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