11 Bizarre Christmas Gift Ideas: Think Twice Before You Gift

When it comes to choosing the perfect Christmas gift, we often strive for something unique, memorable, and meaningful. Yet, there’s a fine line between “memorably unique” and “bizarrely inappropriate.” Here are some off-the-beaten-path Christmas gift ideas that require serious consideration before gifting.

Personalized Tattoo Voucher

While gifting a tattoo might sound like a unique idea for that friend who’s been talking about getting one, it’s essential to think about the permanence and the personal nature of tattoos. Will they appreciate having their tattoo pre-chosen or paid for? Will they feel pressured to get something they might not be 100% sure about? Always ensure the recipient is absolutely sure before giving this kind of gift.

“How to Improve” Self-help Books

While the intention might be to help someone grow, gifting a self-help book with a title like “How to Lose Weight” or “Improving Your Social Skills” might come off as a backhanded gift. It’s essential to gauge whether the person will appreciate such a book or if they’ll see it as an indirect critique.

Nobody wants a self-help book for Christmas

Pet Tarantula

For those who appreciate the quirkier side of life, a pet tarantula might seem like an intriguing gift. However, pets – especially exotic ones – come with responsibilities and care requirements. Ensure that the person you’re gifting it to is not arachnophobic, understands the care requirements, and genuinely wants a spider in their home.

Canned Unicorn Meat

Yes, this is a real thing you can buy. Marketed as a joke gift, it’s merely a can with a plush broken-up unicorn inside. Before gifting, consider if the recipient has a sense of humor that aligns with this kind of gift. Otherwise, it might end up as a strange puzzle they never asked for.

Canned Unicorn Meat can be offensive

A Plot in a Cemetery

Believe it or not, gifting someone a final resting place is a thing. Though it might seem like a morbid gift, for some, it might represent a thoughtful gesture, a place of peace. Before buying, reflect deeply on whether this gift will be seen in the light you intend.

Toilet Accessories

From toilet-shaped mugs to toilet seat decals, the market is filled with bizarre bathroom-themed gifts. Although humorous for some, others might find it in poor taste. Think about the recipient’s personality and whether they’d appreciate or be off-put by such a gift.

Toilet mug is an unique gift but not suitable for serious people

Invisible Ink Pens

These might sound fun for a budding spy enthusiast. However, the recipient might not know the ink disappears, leading to unintentional vanishing notes. Ensure they’re in on the joke or, at least, are aware of how the pen works.

Oversized Novelty Items

Whether it’s a giant inflatable flamingo or a massive wine glass that holds an entire bottle, while amusing, consider storage. Where will this giant gift live once the initial humor has worn off?

Remember to consider the recipient's storage before gifting something like this

Adoption Papers

Some joke gifts involve fake adoption papers for an imaginary creature like a “fairy” or “alien.” Ensure the recipient understands it’s a joke and doesn’t feel deceived or belittled by the gesture.

“Name a Star” Kits

These kits, which offer the opportunity to name a star in the universe, sound romantic. However, it’s good to remember that these names aren’t officially recognized by astronomical bodies. Ensure your loved one knows it’s a symbolic gesture.

Name a Star kit is adorable but not so exciting for those who are expecting a more practical gift

Exotic Food Kits

From DIY cricket farming kits to fermented shark in a can, the world of cuisine is vast and varied. Consider whether the person will genuinely want to try these culinary wonders or if it might end up as a wasted, rotting gift.

Be careful with too bizarre Christmas gift ideas

The aim of gifting is to show appreciation, love, and understanding for another person. While bizarre gifts can be entertaining and memorable, it’s always crucial to consider the individual’s preferences, beliefs, and sensitivities. After all, it’s the thought that counts, and you’d want to ensure your chosen gift reflects a considerate and understanding thought process. Before going for the “shock value,” ask yourself if the gift will be cherished, understood, and appreciated. If in doubt, perhaps it’s best to opt for something a little more traditional but equally heartfelt.

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